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A scientific expedition sets out for the island of Borneo. They are in search of a flower named the Blood Orchid. Reports say that this flower can lead to a longer life. But what they find inhabiting the rainforest of Borneo are a group of anacondas. But they aren't ordinary… the Blood Orchid made the anacondas longer, faster, and smarter. Now the scientists must find a way out of the rainforest by outsmarting, outrunning and outliving the anacondas.
A scientific expedition sets out for Borneo to seek a flower called the Blood Orchid, which could grant longer life. Meanwhile, they run afoul of snakes and each other.
Anacondas is the second of the anaconda films,but is not a sequel to the is a stand alone film,and a fairly decent effort.there are no cast members from the original film.the film take s a more serious tone than its predecessor with no campy elements.The action scenes are much more plentiful and intense.and instead of just one anaconda,there are several,hence the title.there is an ensemble cast,which are all competent,given the material.there an eclectic character mix here ranging from the likable to the not so likable and the completely hate inspiring.the motivations of the characters are well fleshed out,always a good thing.the film itself delves into the territory of implausibility at times,but there would be no movie otherwise.Entertaining,fast paced with some thrilling sequences,combine to make Anacondas a worthwhile experience.just don't expect anything deep. 7/10
I didn&#39;t know that the original Anaconda did so well in the theaters that it deserved a second outing. However, warranted or not, Screen Gems has given us this glorious sequel to an utterly unforgettable giant snake movie.<br/><br/>It is what it is, guys. A giant snake movie. There&#39;s some sort of plot line about a pharmaceutical company wanting a super rare orchid, but it&#39;s still just a giant snake movie. If you liked Boa vs. Python, this one should have you writhing around on the floor in glee. <br/><br/>The CG effects are slightly better in this one than in the original, and the best part of this movie involves an anaconda slithering between the legs of our protagonists, just below the surface of the water. The effects were probably the best part of the movie. In fact, they were good enough in this movie to boost my original rating of 2 to a whopping 4 stars.
There's no enjoyably outlandish hiss to this variation on the formula, and no Ice Cube or Owen Wilson, either. This time, a ship of capitalist fools (and no movie stars, unless you count utility player Morris Chestnut as a headliner) steams along the river in Borneo.

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